What do I order in restaurants?

I’m not much of an outgoing person, but I do love to have a relaxed dinner now and then with my friends.  My favorite places are those in which you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere and some great jazz music, certainly. Of course, the atmosphere ought to be accompanied by good food and wine.  In such occasions, I usually love ordering simple foods as I see them to be a better match for such an atmosphere. The complicated, intricate and elaborate dishes I prefer experimenting at home on my own or on my friends.

Chinese food is one of my favorite cuisines for a restaurant dinner. One of my top choices and often ordered is the shrimp with lobster sauce dish. This is not only a healthy full meal, but also a low-calorie one, as it doesn’t have more than 500 calories. As a starter, I love the Wonton soup.


Salads are another dish that I prefer when eating out, especially for dinner. What I adore most about them is that there’s always a new combination you can try from all over the world. Amongst my favorites: Greek salad, Bulgur salad, brown rice and vegetables salad with basil dressing and my all-time favorite: Caesar salad. I also prefer this dish at dinner because it is a light alternative, while it is also tasty and healthy.


If there’s another food that I’m in love with, that is Mexican food, as it combines color and deliciousness. If I go out to a party or celebration of some kind, I will most likely order Mexican dishes because they seem to me the most appropriate for festive occasions. There are many dishes that I love: fajitas, quesadillas, Mexican chicken, Burritos, chicken tortilla soup and fish tacos. The count could go on forever, but I’ll stop here and just add that I would recommend Mexican food to everyone, as it is wonderful.


If I ever go out to just chill with friends drinking a beer, I order pizza. I don’t have a particular type that I usually eat, as I like trying new varieties every time, but I do have some favorite pizza ingredients such as cheese, mushrooms and olives.  However, I wouldn’t recommend eating pizza all nights (or most nights), but 2-3 dinners a month will not damage your organism you in an irreparable way.

Even if going out and eating at a restaurant is a pleasurable way of spending your time, I will always prefer chilling at home with my friends that going out. As such, I love arranging my flat in a intimate, but comfortable manner so that anyone can feel at ease there. I have comfortable armchairs and soft chairs and tabourets and I can become quite creative when it comes to food. Therefore, while my friends are relaxing drinking a bottle of wine, I bring them snacks and refreshments. This way, we get to spend time together in a private environment, without worrying that we get too noisy or cheerful.

close up of young couple drinking wine in front of an open wood fire.

In addition, it is also a good way of bringing all my friends together and spend quality time with them, while I play them jazz music. I don’t want to brag, but many conflicts or fights have been solved this way, as people can’t stay mad if the atmosphere around them is pleasant and inspires a positive state of mind.

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