The jazz fan

Welcome to the blog of Scot Hall, a passionate fan of jazz music.

Hello everyone, I hope you will all have a swell time reading my blog as I plan to keep in interesting for you. As I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of jazz and I try to educate the people around me about this wonderful music genre. I will be writing about some of my favorite jazz artists old and new and maybe you will find that some of their music also speaks to you.

Another one of the subjects of my blog will be great food as cooking and preparing delicious meals is one of my favorite ways of relaxing after a hard day’s work (after listening to jazz of course). The best part of it is that I can enjoy the things I like at the same time and this just melts away the stress. Hopefully some of the recipes I will be posting will give you some ideas on what to prepare for your loved ones so you too can enjoy a nice, peaceful evening.

Stay jazzy my friends!