Spending a relaxing evening at home

As I mentioned before, I really enjoy spending my spare time in the comfort of my home with good music and good food to accompany it. But not all evenings are the same, and although it may not seem so, I try to do different things and not become the subject of a routine. My family and I are in a constant search of fun things to amuse ourselves with. We often play the classical charades, and of course, we have a jazz artist recognizing contest. Sometimes, we even go through old photograph albums and laugh at each other’s silly poses. Every now and then my family and I have a movie night, when we gather in the living room, turn on the DVD player and watch our favorite films.


I think everyone associates movies with the customary popcorn or peanuts but we like to keep our snacks as healthy as they are fast and easy to make. We used to toast bread and make sandwiches but like many of you know, toast bread is not that elastic, and most of the times we ended up leaving a trail of sandwich filling pieces from the kitchen to the living room couch. Another dreadful thing that we had to deal with back then was the fact that if we weren’t quick to put the cheese on the bread, it wouldn’t melt at all, and the sandwich would get cold before we even sat down.


WiskeyWe recently got a sandwich maker that made all those irritating issues disappear. Now we have more time for leisure, and the sandwiches are well pressed and warm, not to mention that we can put in a really thick filling. We purchased the Hamilton Beach 25460A model, which is large enough to make two or three sandwiches at a time, so when we finally sit down in front of the screen, the food is still hot and crunchy.


So a new tradition formed in our home. We take turns in inventing new and yummy sandwich recipes and I’m really delighted to see how everyone’s creativity help build a comfortable, intimate feeling of relaxation and contentment. No matter how tiresome some of the days are, I always manage to eliminate the stress when I sit to watch “Young Man with a Horn” or “High Society”. Having a crusty, cheesy, freshly made sandwich only adds up to the joy of spending an enjoyable evening at home.

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