How to make quesadillas like a Mexican

spicyI adore Mexican food. I like the spicy flavors, the colored combinations and the unexpected taste only Mexican food can have. I usually cook anything I can find on the internet. My favorites are dishes that include spicy sauces and are include many condiments. Mexican food allows you to add many aromatic ingredients and flavors to your dish, which really turns food in a colored and tasty festival in one single plate.

masaIt is difficult to decide on one Mexican food that I mostly love cooking, but, it if I were to choose, it would probably be quesadillas. The main reason for which I love them so much, is that you can cook them in a multitude of variants, adding your favorite spices and ingredients. Though the original recipe included a corn masa, filled with Oaxaca cheese that was heated on a comal until the cheese melted, the quesadilla has gained oxacapopularity throughout the years and is now served all over the world, adapted to various geographical areas. Thus, you can enjoy a vegetarian quesadilla, meat quesadilla with sauce and beans, with guacamole and even dessert quesadillas filled with cream of diverse flavors.

However, since the filling of the dough can vary so much from the simple original Mexican dish, what I’ve learnt in time, is that you need a well-made tortilla to achieve the perfect quesadilla. As mentioned, the Mexicans used a comal to make them. This is a flat cooking instrument, similar to a pan or griddle, generally made out of cast iron that Mexicans use for cooking. In older times, these were made with ceramic materials and they were also used at frying coffee beans or cocoa beans.  In Mexican tradition, the comal was passed from mother to daughter as a dowry, and Mexicans believed that the older the comal is, the better it will cook. Lacking this simple, but great at making quesadillas instrument, I was left with no other possibility, but to find a decent replacement.

quesadilla makerAs it turned out, you can easily buy a quesadilla maker or order one over the internet. Generally, such a utensil is built with nonstick surfaces, and is fitted with a locking lid to perfectly toast the tortilla on both sides and to avoid spilling the filling all over the place. In addition, the cooking instrument is divided in a number of sections to allow you to prepare perfectly shaped portions. Depending on how numerous your family is or on how much you love this traditional dish, you can buy it in various sizes. The great thing about them is that they are easily cleaned and you don’t have to worry about the price, most of them, even those manufactured by renowned brands are quite affordable for any pocket.

Even though they are not a comal, they are great at making quesadillas fast and with minimum of effort from your side. I do recommend you buy one that comes with a recipe book, that includes the most famous and tasty quesadillas you can prepare with your new quesadilla maker. Bon appetit!

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