Introducing Myself


Hi dear visitors! My name is Scott Hall and I started this blog with the idea of sharing with you what I know about jazz and how to mix it with your life. I am a big fan of jazz music and I am the kind of person who loves relaxing at home, with a plate of home cooked meal in front and a delicious drink on the side, while soft jazz music plays in the background.


jazzIn the hectic world we all live today, it has become quite a luxury to find the time to enjoy the simpler things in life. I have strived for a long time to achieve this kind of peace inside my home, and I hope I do not sound as too self boasting when I say that I think that I have succeeded in obtaining the balance I love to have in my life.


This blog will be aimed at sharing with you, the visitor, bits of information on jazz music and its marvels, along with some nice recipes of comfort food that I personally love. I hope you will come to enjoy both as much as I do and that you will find something useful in the posts that I will be writing.


There are so many reason I love jazz music that I don’t know where to start. Yet I will try. First of all, jazz is the type of music that never feels repetitive and rehashed like commercial music today feels. I can listen to the same tunes without fearing that I will ever get tired of them. That may happen because jazz is the realm of improvisation. Some of the greatest jamming artists are jazz musicians, and they have honed to perfection the ability to make music on the go, without straying from the melodic pace that makes this genre so addictive.


Another thing that makes jazz such a great thing for me is that I can have it playing in the background, while I see about other things, like cooking and eating. Which brings me to the second part of my blog: comfort food. This is something a bit more difficult to explain than why I like jazz music. Comfort food is exactly what its name says: food that gives you comfort. It is food that is so good that it takes you to a place where everything was fine and perfect and safe, like your childhood.


But, enough talk for now. Please join me in this adventure of exploring jazz music, comfort food and everything that makes the two go hand in hand like a pair made in heaven. In the meantime you can chill out to this awesome track:


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